Employment law

Did you know that our clients benefit from all available grants and bonuses in labor matters? Our commitment is to provide you with the most comprehensive and efficient labor advice, aiming to maximize your savings and optimize the management of your human resources. We understand the importance of effective labor management, not only to comply with current legislation but also to improve the work environment and productivity of your company.

We offer a wide range of services designed to meet all your labor management needs:

  • Detailed information on the most beneficial types of contracts for your business: We analyze the specific characteristics of your company to recommend the contractual options that best suit your needs, taking into account both labor flexibility and possible bonuses and subsidies.
  • Strategies for reducing labor costs: We advise you on implementing effective measures to optimize the costs associated with hiring and maintaining staff, without compromising the quality of work or the working conditions of your employees.
  • Specialized advice in Human Resources (HR): We provide guidance on managing and developing your human capital, from employee selection and training to implementing motivation and talent retention policies.
  • Guidance in case of possible dismissals, offenses, and labor sanctions: We provide legal advice in conflict situations, helping you make the most appropriate decisions according to current labor legislation to minimize legal and financial risks.
  • Defense against the Labor and Social Security Inspection (ITSS): We have experts in labor law who will represent and defend you in any procedure initiated by the ITSS, ensuring the protection of your interests.
  • Assistance and negotiation in Employment Regulation Files (ERE): We accompany you in the ERE negotiation process, always looking for the best solution for both parties and ensuring compliance with all legal obligations.
  • Management of registrations, cancellations, and data variations in Social Security: We handle all necessary procedures before Social Security, ensuring agile and error-free management.
  • Defense in labor trials: We offer legal representation in labor disputes, defending your rights and interests in court.

Our focus is on providing personalized and high-quality service, adapting to the particularities of your business to ensure maximum efficiency in labor management. Trust us to make your labor management simpler, safer, and more profitable.


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