Non resident property taxes

If you are a non-resident in Spain but own property, it’s essential to be aware of your tax obligations, including the requirement to file an annual tax return. This obligation is separate from the Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles (IBI), which is similar to council tax and is paid annually to your town hall.

If you co-own a property, each owner must file a separate tax declaration.

The deadlines for filing your tax return vary depending on your specific circumstances and whether you owe taxes or are due a refund.

If you earn rental income from the property:

  • If you have rental income: You must file your return within the first twenty days of April, July, October, or January, depending on the income dates of the tax year in question.
  • If you owe nothing: You still need to file your return within the first twenty days of January.
  • If you are owed a refund: You must file your return after February 1st but before four natural years have elapsed.

We can assist you in preparing and filing your tax return. Contact us for more information on our services.

If you do not earn rental income from the property:

You can file your tax return at any point during the natural year after the tax year in question. For example, you have until December 31, 2015, to file your 2014 tax return.

Contact us to ensure your tax return is submitted correctly and on time.

Our Process:

  1. We will send you an invoice and a questionnaire to gather necessary information.
  2. Once the invoice is settled, and we receive the completed questionnaire, we will calculate your tax return.
  3. We will then send the calculated return to you for your approval.
  4. After you have reviewed and approved the return, we will submit it on your behalf to the AEAT (Spanish tax agency).
  5. We will also provide guidance on how to pay any taxes owed or receive reimbursement of any tax refunds.

Get in touch with us to initiate the process and ensure compliance with your tax obligations.